Make Side Bars Visible in Suffusion Theme

Feb 23

After I start using wordpress for this site I discovered Suffusion theme (the awesome theme I’m currently using). So I started using it for a while but I faced a little problem. I tried to add a floating social bar (like the one in your left hand) but it gets display when scrolling a bit, not as soon as the page is loaded. I really tried a lot of options (for example):

and some other but always without success. So after some investigation I figured a very simple solution. All you need is to change the CSS attribute to be like this:

instead of:

This change is made in style.css file for (#content) and (.post,

The problem here is in case of upgrading the theme you will loose changes, so instead of make this change directly to style.css, Suffusion provide a way to define any custom styles. These styles will override all other styles that are defined. To do that go to Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles and simply paste the following code inside Custom Styles box:

Hope this will help someone. 🙂


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