Downloading Google maps into iOS Maps App

Mar 29

I always liked the Maps App that comes with iPhone. It’s so elegant, smart and simply have all what I need. The main problem with it -in my opinion- is it enforce you to be online in order to use it. This issue was like a nightmare to me and finally I found a way to download the maps and make the app read this downloaded version.

Before starting you need to make sure that your iOS based device is a jail broken device (you can check this link to jail break your device) and that all you need.

  1. Go to this link and download file (or whatever the last verion). After completing the downloading of the file, extract it and go to GMDL\bin\Debug and open Global Map Download Tool.exe
  2. Specify the location you want (by making it at the center of the map) and then press Download The Map button at the top left corner. You will be asked to specify the location of the download, just put it in any folder.
    iOS Maps Downlaod

  3. A new window will appear Don’t do any scrolling till it finish loading, Then chose the zooming levels you want in your left hand side (more zooming = more downloading). Now press the large button at the top of this window which says “Uncheck any titles ….” . You should notice the download progress in the address bar.
    iOS Maps 2
  4. When the download ends, press the iPhone button and then check Map Name at the new window (it should be the same path you downloaded the maps into). Now press “Process …” button and remember where the output will be.
    iOS Maps 3
  5. Download i-funbox which is an application that lets you navigate your iOS device’s file system. Using i-funbox go to /var/mobile/Media and create a new folder Maps. After that copy the output folder from the previous step into this new folder.


  6. Now pickup your iOS device and open Cydia. Search for OfflineMaps and install it.



  7. Open OfflineMaps app and you will find the folder name you added to your iOS just click on it and press copy. When finish click on Maps to go to your Maps app and you will find your downloaded map there ready for you (you can switch WiFi and 3G off just to be sure).

    offlinemaps 1

    offlinemaps 2

    offlinemaps 3

    Happy Navigation with your Maps 🙂


  1. Good One 🙂

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