Gerrit – How to upload new Patch Set to old commit

Jun 01

We have been struggling to find a way that allows us uploading a new Patch Set to an old commit in Gerrit. Sometimes a commit waits review for couple of days. Even for the same developer who had uploaded other commits. During this time a lot of changes will be approved and merged to the branch. This is not being done based on chronological order, instead it’s...

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REST WS with Python + hosting on a shared server

Apr 18

I encountered a situation where I needed a simple REST WS to be hosted on my shared server. unfortunately Java wasn’t an option as most shared hosting providers don’t support Java. I decided to go with Python as it’s already supported however that was not an easy ride. Prerequisites Before wasting a lot of time we need to make sure the following...

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Changing default Grails port used in run-app

May 20

Changing default Grails port used in run-app could be done through different ways. The main difference between these ways is the scope of the change. Before start changing the port let’s see what’s happening by default. Running an application on GGTS should lead to the following: As you see, the project is running on 8080 by default. Basically there are...

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Adding to the PATH variable on Mac OS X

Apr 14

Adding to the PATH variable on Mac OS X can be done through lots of ways. Before getting into these ways you should know that PATH is nothing but an environment variable that holds set of directories where executable programs are located. First, Lets start by retrieving the current PATH contents. To print the current settings, open the Terminal and type: Shell echo...

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Securing JAX-RS Web Services (Basic Authentication)

Mar 20

Securing JAX-RS web services is an easy thing specially when choosing the “Basic Authentication” option. Basic authentication is the simplest way to secure your REST web service. It involve sending a Base64-encoded username and password within a request header to the server. The server then checks to see if the username exists within its system and...

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“Page not found” error after changing permalink WordPress

Feb 12

Facing “page not found” error that appears when changing to “Pretty” Permalinks in WordPress is very common. Actually I faced this error almost in each time I decide changing the Permalinks. It always takes lot of time and effort from me to fix it, so I decided to stop this continuos pain and write this post listing the possible problems and...

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