Downloading Google maps into iOS Maps App

Mar 29

I always liked the Maps App that comes with iPhone. It’s so elegant, smart and simply have all what I need. The main problem with it -in my opinion- is it enforce you to be online in order to use it. This issue was like a nightmare to me and finally I found a way to download the maps and make the app read this downloaded version. Before starting you need to...

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Make JavaScript plugin (AmazonJS) work with W3 Total Cache

Feb 28

When you start using wordpress you will find a lot of useful plugins that go beyond your expectation. One of these is W3 Total Cache which is really an amazing plugin. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery...

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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Feb 27

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship This book is one of the most helpful, well organized and easy books you would ever read. Although you may think (After seeing the index) that you are already familiar with the content, but contents are presented in an organized and detailed way that makes it very useful even for the masters. It gives you a new...

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Make Side Bars Visible in Suffusion Theme

Feb 23

After I start using wordpress for this site I discovered Suffusion theme (the awesome theme I’m currently using). So I started using it for a while but I faced a little problem. I tried to add a floating social bar (like the one in your left hand) but it gets display when scrolling a bit, not as soon as the page is loaded. I really tried a lot of options (for...

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Introduction To JDBC

Feb 07

This tutorial aims to give you a quick intro to Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API. JDBC technology was designed to keep simple things simple. This means that the JDBC API makes everyday database tasks, such as simple SELECT statements, very easy. After this you should be able to use the API to do basic and some advanced Database related tasks. I will use MySQL...

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Introduction To JAXB

Jan 25

This is the perfect place to start learning about JAXB even if you don’t have any knowledge about this topic. First of all JAXB stands for Java Architecture for XML Binding which is an easy way to convert your Java objects to XML and vice versa. JAXB is a part of Java SE 6 API so you don’t need anything except eclipse and this page. Before starting you...

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Hello World

Jan 16

OK guys, This is my first post here in this blog and I hope it won’t be the last. This is a technical blog, the content it self will vary from tutorials, new ideas, tips, books, tools, reviews and any thing else that may come to my geek mind. Follow me to get notifications for any new posts. Hope you enjoy it.

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